Snowstorm AR

November 14, 2017. Toronto.

Introducing Snowstorm 2.0! Create an Augmented Reality snowy scene using your iPhone or iPad camera!

Tap. Shake. Draw your own snowflakes. Use fun emoji! Start a blizzard. Record and share videos of your creations.

Convert to Current Swift Syntax...

The original Snowstorm app was hidden from the App Store a little while ago when 64-bit became a requirement along with iOS 11. Interestingly my old Objective-C code would still compile, but with so many new devices since 2012/13 it meant I needed to create new storyboards and change constraints - especially for iPhone X. I decided to modernize the project and rewrote the app in Swift 4 while experimenting with ARKit and ReplayKit to make the snow much more interactive!


Download on the App Store

Snowstorm 2.0 is available to download now. It was a fun project - hope you enjoy it! Please tag any videos you share @SnowstormApp / #snowstormapp. Cheers!

Download on the App Store