What's Next

December 21, 2015. Toronto.

About a month ago I decided to leave Volley Industries and reinvest once more in my long term product concept. Building the API and services to support the Volley iOS and web products over the previous 9 months was a great experience and trial-by-fire learning how to work in a startup environment and getting to know the startup community.

Today I'm officially committing to building FindNext.


FindNext is a collaborative and contextual layer on top of the search engine experience.

Search engines are an amazing tool. I can type in a few keywords and get some quick information. But what if I'm looking for something that simply isn't online, isn't indexed, or requires an additional layer of context in order to find exactly what I need? FindNext aims to augment search by tapping the experience and knowledge of the people around you.

People Know

People enjoy sharing their knowledge. There are topics in which we each have expertise. I'll look to friends to talk music, or movies, or photography (for example). This domain knowledge might come from one's work or simply a passion for a craft or spare time interests.

Search is personal. The results I expect for my query might be different from what you're looking for. Provide a description and some context and people will assist in finding exactly what you want. You can gather information from your existing social circle, or build a new crowd of the people who stepped up to provide the results you need.

Search is Local

The people around you know best! Radiating out from your location are others who have recommendations to share and offline real world experience. They can point you to an exact location and speed up your search.

Nearby businesses might also have the thing or service you need and can actively jump in driven by your queries and needs rather than paid keywords and ad placements.

Search is Timely

Searches regularly bring up old information. The knowledge I need is influenced by the time in which I need it. Once I've found that result, it can expire or be lost without much impact on the system. People shouldn't be afraid to search for a topic again as new and better results might be available. The information you find very valuable can be kept and added to your profile.

In addition to providing results, FindNext users can easily moderate noise and / or offensive content and make suggestions on how to improve the search itself. While a search might not draw on a Finder's knowledge directly, it might be something they find interesting and want to learn about, providing a fresh set of eyes to filter results and discover new resources unknown to the person making the original query.


Coming Soon.

There's a lot to do! Services are in place and the API build is well underway. The app build will follow. I hope to launch early in 2016. In the meantime, you can reserve a profile if you like and follow along:



Questions or want to get involved? Send me an email at brendan@findnext.com

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