A Defining Experience

January 30, 2015. Toronto.

Today marks the end of my time with Teehan+Lax. It has been an amazing (nearly) 7 years - from my first project, to TweetMag and Readability and all the iOS projects that followed, along with fun challenges working with Labs and so many smart and forward-thinking clients... I couldn't have asked for better.

To past-partners Jeremy Bell and Dave Stubbs - thank you for bringing me on. And here's to all the t+l'ers that made the office such an incredible place to work.

Thank you to the partners - Geoff, Jon, and Dave for creating an environment that provided opportunities to learn so much, evolve my thinking around client / business relationships, and make use of my personal interests and hobbies regularly in my day-to-day work. Thanks again, and all the best on the west coast.

I'm looking forward to what comes next. It would be great to hear from you.